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About Small Town Marketing Co.

Your website is like a first impression. Think back to when you ​wanted to receive a service and went to their website only to see a poorly designed, thrown together, barely legible site and you were instantly put off; and they lost your business just like that... (true, isn't it?) 

Here at STMC, we won't let that happen. We'll make sure your site converts and you have a fully streamlined website that you're proud to send potential customers to. We'll also make sure your fonts, color palettes, copy, and brand are on point so your message is loud and clear. That way people will WANT to throw their hard-earned dollars at you!

House Specialty:

Web Design




xx Kayla Bree

Meet The Woman Behind Stmc:

I'm Kayla, the creative director and owner here at Small Town Marketing Co. I'm so excited to have you here because that means you've got the entrepreneurial spirit just like I do. Coming from a home where both parents were business owners, I saw what it takes to build more than just a business, that it takes a brand to snap people out of their mundane realities and create a memorable experience that keeps them coming back to for more, and more, and MORE! 

I created Small Town Marketing Co. as a place where I can let my creative genius run wild and help fellow entrepreneurs make a bigger impact online and off. Whether that's building a fully streamed Wix website or helping new business owners establish their brand that will make you big in a small town. Since I'm always rooting for local small businesses, I wanted to give back by not having people break the bank to get some help building their websites or branding themselves to the masses. I've made it my mission to help businesses thrive because it's a shame to see businesses closing their doors after a short while all because they lacked the 'IT' factor, the appeal, the experience someone gets the first time they stumble upon your website or see your postcard in the mail. You need to turn them into raving fans instantly by having a site and marketing plan that does the converting for you, and that my friend, is where I come in...

I'm a creator by nature and building websites is my jam. I've created and contributed to building websites & brands for other people that I'm over the moon for, because I know they're going to make it big in a small town, and I bet that's exactly what you want to do or you wouldn't be in business in the first place. So, if you've been struggling to work out some kinks in your business and are ready for some help with your business, get with me. Check out my services and let's turn your big ideas into reality with some clarity, strategy, and soul!